Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
"A Going Church For A Coming Lord"
Bryant-Hall and Senior Missionary


Our purpose is to help the members of our church family in their time of need including love, meals, support and visit the sick, shut-in, and hospitalized.
We provide love and support as well as comfort and understanding.  We give that shoulder to lean on when it is needed most.  Our goal is to make the members of our church feel as though they are the members of one big loving family, the family of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.  We want the community to know they have a group of people they can depend on. 
MEMBERS ARE:  Nora Bell West, Rev. Dorothy Caldwell, Carrie Lou Williams, Brenda Barr, Rev. Iola Meadows, Lillie Hausan, Helen Barr, Joyce Crouder, Martha Matthews, Mother Mamie Speech, Mary Lou Wise, Catherine Gary, Vanessa Jackson, Betty Sugick, Katie Barr, Darlene Abney, and Florence Taylor.

President Willie Ruth Tolen
Vice President Betty Sampson
Secretary Carrie Williams
Assistant Secretary Vanessa Jackson
Treasurer Mary Lou Wise
Assistant Treasurer Brenda Barr
Chaplain Lillie Hausan
Advisor:  Deacon R.O. Levy
PHONE/FAX 803.532.3654 • 302 Brodie Road, Batesburg-Leesville, SC 29070  Webmaster: Loretta D. Sanders
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