Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
"A Going Church For A Coming Lord"
Usher Board Ministry

The Lord is my light.  He is the joy of my salvation, of whom then shall I be afraid.  

I am a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord.  Yea though I meet with unpleasant conditions, I must keep smiling, for I must enter into His presence with thanksgiving and unto His courts with praise.

Yeah though I walk through the shadow of kindness, I must smile for the beauty of the Lord is upon me; my countenance is filled with light, the light of love, patience and endurance.  I shall strive to give joy to the sorrowful, hope to the lost, sunshine to the darkness, and I shall remain a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord, as long as I live.
Members are:

Dea. R.O. Levy, Spiritual Advisor         

Mary Speach, President

Shirleen Padgett, Vice President

Brenda Summers, Secretary/Treasurer

Mildred Newell

Joyce Crouder

Jerome Culbreath

Myrtis Gantt

Clantis Gregg

Carolyn Gary

Joseph Bell

Willie Whitt

Mary Wise

Monique Padgett

Patrese Mayes

Junior Ushers

Malaysia Barr, Asst. Secretary

Shakara Jeffcoat

Kwendin Coleman

Brittany Herbert

Briana Herbert


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