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Greetings from the Youth Explosion Ministry. We are excited about what God is doing for our youth and our staff members. Over the past few months we have welcomed several new staff members: Deacon Charlie Coleman, Deacon Frank Wise, Sister Mildred Newell, Sister Eurlee Steadman, Sister Re’ne Steadman, and Brother Clarence Padgett. It is our prayer that God will lay it on your heart to become a staff member with our Youth Explosion Program.
The Youth Explosion took a trip to Columbia, South Carolina for the Road to the White House Tour 2016. The children learned what it takes to be a newscaster and cover the Presidential Elections. We appreciate Bro. Garney Gary for affording us this opportunity.
DIRECTOR:  Sis. Betty Sugick, Assistant Director, Sis. Re'ne Steadman
CHAPLIN & HOME WORD:  Rev. Dorothy Caldwell
TEACHERS:  Sis. Lillie Hausen, Sis. Carrie Williams, Sis. Nora West, Bro. Dwight Keslier, Bro. Freeman Gary and Bro. David Haris
KITCHEN STAFF:  Sis. Linda B. Johnson,, Bro. Willie Whitt,  Sis. Torethia Hendrix, Sis. Loretha Johnson
PHONE/FAX 803.532.3654 • 302 Brodie Road, Batesburg-Leesville, SC 29070  Webmaster: Loretta D. Sanders
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