Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
"A Going Church For A Coming Lord"

Church Leadership

March 2020-2022

Pastor of the Church
Rev. James A. Duncan

Sons and Daughters of the House

Rev. Dorothy Caldwell  - Rev. Iola Meadows   - Rev. Charles Simpkins  - Min. James R. McDaniel, II

First Lady
Sister Alfreda Duncan

Chairman, Deacon's Ministry
Deacon Joe Lee Barr

Vice Chairman, Deacon's Ministry
Deacon Jesse Barr

Chairman, Trustee Ministry
Trustee Joseph Harris

Vice Chairman, Trustee Ministry
Trustee Michael Newell

Chairman, Finance Committee
Trustee Darren Gantt

Vice Chairman, Finance Committee
Trustee Lowman Edwards

Clerk/Treasurer of the Church
Rev. Iola Meadows

Secretary of the Church
Sister Loretta D. Young

Superintendent of Sunday School
Sister Clantis Gregg

Assistant Superintendent, Sunday School
Minister James R. McDaniel, II

Custodian of the Church
Brother Walter Sugick

Assistant Custodian of the Church
Sister Janice Summers

Chairperson, Program Committee
Trustee Toreitha Hendrix

Vice Chairperson, Program Committee
Sister Mildred Newell

Chairperson, Kitchen Committee

Vice Chairperson, Kitchen Committee
Sister Linda B. Johnson
Youth Superintendent, Sunday School
Sister Adrioanna Hill
Assistant Youth Superintendent, Sunday School
Brother James Barr

Director, Youth Explosion
Sister Betty Sugick
Co-Director, Youth Explosion
Sister Jocelyn Williams
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