Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
"A Going Church For A Coming Lord"

Pastor James A. Duncan
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Grace from God and peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God bless the Church.  The Church, where God's family comes together. The Church, the place of blessings.  The Church, the place of refuge.  The Church, where we gather and search for the wisdom from God.  The Church, where we enter to worship and depart to serve.

I thank God for you because I choose to look upon the harvest field and not so much upon the failures.  God has not removed our candlestick from the candlestick holder, therefore, let us continue to let our light so shine before men, that they may continue seeing our good works and keep glorifying our Father which
is in heaven.

It gives me great pleasure to be the undershephard of this flock.  It is my prayer that my gems of wisdom will inspire you.  If you need me, you may contact me directly via e-mail or telephone at  (864) 993-9993, or you may contact me by postal mail.

You may e-mail any prayer requests directly to me.  When sending your request, please state exactly what you would like for me to pray for.

In His Service,
Pastor James A. Duncan
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